Title I

What is Title 1?

Title 1 is a federal program that serves students throughout the United States.  It provides funding for increasing student achievement in schools.

Big Island Elementary School is a Schoolwide Title 1 school.  This allows all children in our school to benefit from the program, personnel, and materials funded by Title 1.

Title 1 services provide additional reading support, beyond what is offered in the regular classroom reading lessons, to students who have been identified, through tests such as PALS, SOL's, and regular classroom reading assessments.

What can we offer?

* Services to students in grades K-5

* Testing and diagnosis of reading levels, strengths, and weaknesses

*Individual and small group instruction

*A variety of teaching methods and materials

*Intense targeted instruction

*Technology related instruction including web based programs, IPads, SMARTboards, and CPS clickers

*RTI (Response To Intervention) tutoring

*Ongoing progress monitoring

*Professional development for teachers and parents

What can parents offer?

*Read to your child daily

*Listen to your child read daily

*Have a daily conversation with your child and listen to what they have to say

*Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences

*Participate in field trips, class activities, join the PTA, and volunteer in your child's classroom

*Participate in Family Nights

*Read school newsletters

*Discuss progress reports with your child and teachers