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History of Big Island Elementary School

The original school was built in 1929 on land donated by the paper mill owned by M. E. Marcuse. The building, with some later additions, housed grades 1-12 until the mid-1960s. Counter Ridge School, located 6 miles south Big Island, was designated Big Island Primary School and the primary grades were located there.

The school operated as a split campus through the 1978-79 school year. The Primary School was then closed, and all students K-7 were assigned to one facility.

Construction of the new elementary school on its present site began in June 1987. The school sits on 27 acre site 3 miles south of the town of Big Island. Possession of the new facility was taken on October 25, 1988. The current facility contains a full gymnasium, multi-purpose room (cafeteria/auditorium), library and 15 classrooms.